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Chapter Events & Calendar

2022-2023 Meeting Presentations

(Additional local Geneology Events Are Included in the Calendar Below)

January 14-15, 2022

Speaker session is taking place on Friday evening, January 14 with business meeting on Saturday morning January 15

Thomas MacEntee

"1950 Census"

February 12, 2022

"Black History Month Special Program"

March 19, 2022

Andre Kearns et al

"National Genealogical Society:

Connection to AAHGS"


April 16, 2022

"Alexandria/Arlington Black History Tour"

May 21, 2022

Kim Finger

"Two Women Researched Slavery in Their Family. They Didn’t See the Same Story"

June 18 2022

"Juneteenth with Prince Georges County chapter of AAHGS"



September 18, 2022

Elizabeth Clark-Lewis- “History of AAHGS”

October: 12-15, 2022

AAHGS National Conference

November 19, 2022

Alyse Minter -

“Family History through Grandmother’s Quilts”


December 2022

Holiday Gathering

January 21, 2023


February 18 2023

"Juneteenth with Prince Georges County chapter of AAHGS"


July - August Summer Break


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