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Black History: Local, Living, and Imaginative – Descendant Stories Lemon's Legacies Porch Talk

This Black History Month Lemon's Legacies Porch Talk will amplify the voices of African American people and families of Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Black history is the story of everyday people who contribute to our nation’s narrative help us imagine new futures. The Porch talk will feature descendants of “The Reservation,” a community of free African Americans in York County, Virginia, established following in the mid-1800s and displaced in 1922 due to eminent domain to build a Navy Mine Depot in preparation for World War I. Also, genealogist and family historian Vicki McGill will talk about the discovery of enslaved and freed ancestors in Williamsburg with indirect linkage to William & Mary. We will learn about the transformative ways they use history in their family and communities.

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