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Let’s Share Those Black History Month Programs!

Black History Month is always a busy and exciting time. There are so many great programs but sadly, not enough time to attend them all. Most are aware of the WDCFHC, MD and DC AAHGS Chapter’s annual Black History Month program planned for Fed 12th but there are sure to be so many more that would be of interest.

For example, I am looking forward to checking out some of the programming at one of the JDW Chapter member blog, Genealogy Adventures.

Genealogy Adventures 2022 Black History Month Show Schedule

Jan 30th – Memorial for the USCT of Natchez, MS with Deborah Fountain – Lead genealogist Deborah Fountain will talk about the steps taken to honor the USCT of Natchez MS with a memorial. Learn about the steps that were taken to be a part of something as simple as the Wreaths Across America ceremony.

Feb 6th – Exploration into Food of the African Diaspora w/Tonya Hopkins the Food Griot – Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, and Fried Chicken, these foods are associated with what most call soul food. Tonya Hopkins, the Food Griot joins the show to talk about why African American food has had such an influence on American culture.

Feb 13th – Slavery in Louisiana with YaYa Gordon – Ja’el ‘YaYa’ Gordon returns to share, teach and explain Slavery in Louisiana.

Feb 20th – Discussing the Reconstruction Era with Professor William Horne – Professor William Horne of Villanova University will walk us through the least talked about time in history. The Reconstruction Era was one of the closest times that African Americans had a seat at the table.

Feb 27th -Dr. Shaun Wallace and the Slave Fugitive Database – Thousands of enslaved African Americans made their bid to escape slavery. They ran from injustice, mistreatment, torture, trying to find family and more. When they left, they were thought of as fugitives? Dr. Shaun Wallace has created a database that helps track those once thought of as fugitives.

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