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Locating Gravesites at Arlington National Cemetery. There's an App for That!

Last month, while members of AAHGS DC were touring the Arlington House renovations, our US Army tour guide mentioned an app that helps locate gravesites in Arlington National Cemetery. I finally remembered to share this news with my neighbor. She previously mentioned a relative her family used to visit that she wanted to locate within the cemetery.

This gravesite locator app is called ANC Explorer. With a quick name search, not only did we locate her ancestor's gravesite record including photos, ANC Explorer provided this satellite map, and turn by turn directions to the gravesite from the ANC Welcome Center! You have options to search directions with the quickest route (shortest distance) or the easiest route (attempts to avoid stairs and steep hills). How cool is that?!

Go on, try it! Who would you search for?

Download the app or pull up a record from your internet browser.

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