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Recognition of a pioneer for social change

As a member of the James Dent Walker chapter of AAHGS, I am constantly work to share the stories and narratives of my ancestors. Since her death in 2011, I have been working to recognize Zipporah Parks Hammond for her accomplishments as a pioneer for social change. I'd like your help to amplify the voices of people who believe that Zipporah deserves to be in the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame. This year marks the sixth attempt to gain this recognition.

On March 1st, the Colorado State Legislature acknowledged Zipporah's life-long accomplishments.

We have establish a website so that you can read about Zipporah's inspiring story here and learn how you can support our efforts.

You can add your name to the "Make it Right!" petition at that was initiated by a student group at the University of Colorado College of Nursing on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, CO as part of a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative.

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