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Welcome to Our New Website!

In 2019 the members of AAHGS-DC decided our website needed a facelift. We wanted to keep pace with the evolution of genealogical research and offering a more modern and interactive website was a logical place to focus on.

I and another member were asked to chair a committee to evaluate our needs and mission and create a new website that would serve both our members and our guests. A small group of volunteers worked tirelessly to think about our needs, evaluate options, and develop new content. In the process, we all had to learn new skills (What's a domain name and how is that different from a hosting service?), admit when we were over our head (what's the number for tech support?), but ultimately, get over our fear of change.

We knew what we wanted. We wanted a website that reflected the love we share for learning and sharing family history using both traditional and digital resources. We wanted a place where we can celebrate our stories and encourage others to find their own. We wanted a place where people could learn more about us, and where members could engage with each other. We wanted a website that supported the mission of AAHGS National.

We invite you to explore our new home and hope you will enjoy what we have to offer. We also hope you will consider joining AAHGS and AAHGS-DC. Our website, like so many things in life, is a work in progress and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions by contacting our Webmaster at

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1 Comment

Deborah Grimstead
Deborah Grimstead
May 01, 2021

AAHGS DC's new website is beautiful!!! When I first opened it in the fall of last year, my jaw dropped! Great job Lisa Beal and team!!!

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